Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cortez assumes command of Navy


Sunday, May 16, 2010 page 1

Rear Admiral Danilo Cortez Saturday
assumed as the transition Flag
Officer-in-Command of the Philippine
Navy, taking over from Vice Admiral
Ferdinand Golez, who has reached
the mandatory age of 56.
Cortez, who is the 31st FOIC of
the Navy, will be holding over the
post until such time that the incoming
President and Commander-in-Chief
will appoint a regular FOIC.
Golez, meanwhile, has been requested
by Defense Secretary Norberto
Gonzales to continue to serve
at least 45 days more as adviser to
the defense chief and to the Office of
the National Security Adviser. Golez
has accepted the offer.
In assuming the post, Cortez
thanked Golez for entrusting to him
the flag for acknowledging his
capability to continue the mission
which he (Golez) has started for the
"We are truly thankful for the way
you have led the Philippine Navy. Indeed,
you are the epitome of the Navy
way of service," Cortez said in acknowledging
his predecessor's leadership.
Cortez, at the same time, vowed to
continue and aspire to complete the
programs that were started by Golez,
including the acquisition of multi-role
vessels (MRVs), all geared towards
the vision of becoming a strong and
credible Navy that the our maritime
nation deserves.
"I will guarantee that I will continue
the voyage Vice Admiral Golez has set
for us and work out of the box to hasten
its accomplishment," Cortez stated. "I
may not be able to inject new programs
during my stay as your FOIC, but I
promise to bring you closer to the attainment
of our vision," he added.
Golez on the other hand, said that
for the 22months of his stint as head of
the Navy, he led the organization
into exerting all efforts for the accomplishment
of programs that will allow
the Navy to move forward.
"I have planted seeds of commitment
and dedication to every sailor and
marine for them to grow individually
and collectively," said Golez, even as he
enjoined the officers, men and women
of the Navy to continue to pursue what
he has already started for them.
In describing what he has done in
his 22months as Navy FOIC, Golez had
this to share: Beyond the horizon of
my dreams now lie the outcome of our
efforts of today making us all aware of
the value of a Navy for the progress and
development of this maritime nation. A
commitment we will all share."
Meanwhile, Gonzales, who presided
over the turnover ceremony, said
Golez may have reached the end of
his military career but not as a public
servant. He said he has offered Golez
to serve as his adviser in the defense
department and as NSA, which the
latter accepted.

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