Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tanbark shipment caught

By Bong Garcia, Thursday, June 9, 2011

OPERATIVES of the Philippine Navy intercepted Wednesday a shipment of a truckload of tanbark in a private pier in Zamboanga City.

Naval Forces Western Mindanao chief Commodore Armando Guzman said the confiscated tanbark was just unloaded from a vessel, M/L Marwiza, which docked at Wee Bin wharf in the village of Baliwasan, west of the city.

Guzman said the truck, which was about to leave the private port, was loaded with 310 sacks of tanbark.

Harvesting of tanbark has been outlawed in the Philippines because its bark when removed kills mangrove trees, said Guzman.

Mangrove trees provide irreplaceable habitat to diverse species of birds, mammals, crustacea, and fish.

Guzman added that tanbarks are commonly smuggled to Malaysia and Indonesia and are highly valued as a source of organic dye used in making batik cloth.

Sun Star Zamboanga

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