Monday, March 28, 2011

Balikatan Exercise 2011 set in April

Sunstar, Monday, March 28, 2011

THE Philippine Navy is gearing up for Balikatan Exercise 2011 set on April 5 to 15 2011 in Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog areas.

The Navy’s sailors and marines will meet with their US counterparts in a series of drills, both on land and at sea, to promote interoperability between the two armed forces, said Navy spokesman Captain Giovanni Carlo Bacordo.

Bacordo said the Navy’s air and surface assets manned by sailors and aviators will see action in a series of maneuvers and evolutions at sea, while Navy’s SEALs will be involved in Explosive Ordnance Disposal exercises.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Marines will be trained in amphibious landing/raid with their US counterparts.

Fleet-Marine officers will also be involved in the Rapid Response Planning Process (R2P2) aboard a US Navy ship while enroute from South Harbor, Manila to Subic Bay.

Navy chief Rear Admiral Alexander Pama earlier vowed to work on the acquisition of important naval hardware such as the MRV, off-shore patrol vessels, multi-purpose helicopters and amphibious assault vessels and other equipment.

Aside from the drills and professional exchanges between the two armed forces, the Philippines and the US will also field in military doctors, nurses, and other medical workers to conduct free medical and dental services to local residents in the exercise venues.

Likewise, military engineers will also be involved in construction projects during the Balikatan.

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