Thursday, September 1, 2011

Submarine for Navy? Noy bares AFP shop list

By Alexis Romero
Philippine Star, Saturday, August 24, 2011

The Manila Philippines- President Aquino yesteday enumerated a list of military equipment to be acquired in fulfillment of his promise of modernizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) during his term.

Aquino said among the equipment to be purchased are jet trainers that would enhance the skills of pilots and radars to monitor the country's territorial waters.

"With regard to the equipment I want...I want everything. But what we will acquire, we have lead-in jet keep the skills of the jet pilots, especially the fighter pilots still active. we won't have the fighter jet but we will have these lead-in jet trainers to keep their skill levels," Aquino told reporters at arrival ceremonies for the BRP Gregorio del Pilar at Pier 13 in Manila.

Aquino said the government pans to acquire surface attack aircraft, air defense radars, long-range patrol aircraft and closed air air support aircraft for the Air Force.

'For the Navy, strategic sea lift vessels, off-shore patrol vessels, naval helicopters-there are at least three of them, coast watch stations, similar weather-heavy endurance cutters,"he said.

Aquino said the Army would be provided with new assault rifles, armor assets, tanks, armored personnel carriers, force protection equipment like helmets and bulletproof vests, night-fighting equipment and radios.

Aquino said the Navy is still studying whether it needs to purchase a submarine to secure the country's territory.

"The (acquisition of a) submarine is being studied by our Navy, whether or not practical, whether or not it meets our needs," he said.

Aquino said a country in Southeast Asia bought a refurbished submarine for a bargain price of $12 million but ended up spending more to refit the vessel for tropical conditions.

They ended up spending the same as if they bought it brand-new," Aquino said.

Navy chief Vice Admiral Alexander Pama said they are cautious on the plans to purchase submarines to beef up their capabilities.

"This is a complicated matter," Pama said. "We don't want to commit a mistake by jumping into something. As i said, we don't want to buy something which eventually we cannot chew and swallow," he said.

When asked if the purchase of submarines is possible under Aquino's term, Pama said: " I cannot second guess the president.. there are several factors (to be considered) starts from our capacity, in terms of resources and second, our readiness.

Pama said they are also eyeing to acquire two Hamilton-class ships from the US.

The government has allotted P11 billion this year to bankroll the military's capability upgrade program.

Of this, P8 billion will come from proceeds from the Malampaya natural gas project in Palawan while P3 billion will be sourced from the military's modernization funds.

Budget secretary Florencio Abad earlier said the government would implement a P40-billion military modernization project over the next five years, starting in 2012.

Abad said the government would allot P8 billion annualy over the next five years for the Armed Forces' modernization program.

Aquino vowed to exercise good governance to enable the government to upgrade the military's capabilities.

"Through our responsible governance, through the straight path, we can do more...we won't stop with ships. We won't be contented with helicopters," he said.

"We can offer modern weapons, faster patrol craft and more effective equpment to our soldiers and police without wasting money from our state coffers...We will buy these new equipment at the right price."


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  2. It is very refreshing that finally we will be modernize. But at the current situation it will not stand againts our present problem. if we will to fight them we will not win. what we need is the capacity to repel them. We should acquire more anti aircraft rocket rather than purchasing expensive jets. Big canons where we can sink an entire fleet without battling them on the sea. seamine and anti aircraft artillery. start producing our own small range missile which to depend us from their ballistic missile.after we have a credible system to repel their invasion then we can proceed to buying jets and crafts. The idea is not giving them any chance to land or scour us with jets to resist them from coming near our border. customize small boat arm with anti aircraft gunner and torpedo launcher mobile torpedo launcher along our coastline. good radar system both air and sea. We should buy stinger missle where we can launch it anywhere when all their 999 jets flew over even if we buy 2 squadron what can it do againts thousand of china.or 2 more big patrol ship when we dont have torpedo in it. It is like a porcupine we find a way to resist them first.

    1. for me the projects of our president is better than the pass presidents...he very realistic..we need to purchase more anti aircraft missiles more warships long range offshore missiles more advance radar system..our country is surrounded of sea so we to develop 1st our navy and our anti aircraft...its OK if we have 2 squadrons it can help more in times we break there navy...salute to Aquino administration.....juntatz..