Friday, July 29, 2011

12 Vietnamese fisherman rescued after boat sinks

Times Live, Friday, July 29,2011

A Philippine fishing boat rescued 12 Vietnamese fishermen whose vessel sank in the country's western waters, says a navy spokesmen.

The Vietnamese fishermen were found on Thursday off Roxas town in Palawan province, 630 kilometres south-west of Manila, said Lieutenant Colonel Omar Tonsay, a spokesman at the navy headquarters.

"The rescued Vietnamese appear to be in good physical condition," he said.

The rescued man told investigators they were fishing in Malaysian waters when their boat encountered engine trouble and they began to drift, said Lieutenant Noel Cadigal, a regional navy spokesman.

Cadigal added that according to the Vietnamese, their boat eventually sank while they were taking shelter near the Philippine coast from bad weather.

They were found stranded on a rocky outcrop by local fishermen, who turned them over to the navy on Friday.

The spokesman said authorities were verifying the fishermen's accounts and determining if they trespassed into Philippine territory and were fishing illegally.

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