Friday, September 24, 2010

PN scorecards: Accomplishment

Manila Bulletin, Thursday, September 22, 2010

Service to constituency is normally the last perspective, which all other perspectives serve. This is true of the Navy Sail Plan, which prefers to label this last perspective as “accomplishment.”

Two priorities are listed under the accomplishment perspective. The first is a “secured maritime environment.” For the Navy, the proposed initiative to pursue this first priority is to set up an efficient data collection and reporting system on naval operations. Such system should be able to highlight progress using the business confidence index (maritime). This index is now at 20 percent (in 2010) and is targeted to rise to 25 percent (2011), 40 percent (2012 and 2013), and finally to 54 percent (2020). The other index such a system would highlight is the naval operations index. This one starts at an even lower base, and is targeted to rise to 6 percent (2011), 12 percent (2012), 18 percent (2013), and finally 85 percent (2020). This is a dramatic jump, an indication of the quantum leap the PN intends to execute through its Sail Plan.

Such a dramatic jump gives an indication of the distance the Navy intends to cover through its Sail Plan. A lay observer has no idea what goes into a naval operations index. But from the targets set for 2011-2013, one gets the idea that the index is currently at a very low level, and that it will take enormous effort, involving considerable commitment and resources, to lift such an index up, let alone to reach a high of 85 percent by 2020. By this, one appreciates the value of a measure that needs to be specified in any performance scorecard: It marks out where an institution is, indicating where one is currently; and it marks out a future milestone that needs to be reached, particularly at the end of the Vision period. On this measure alone, the naval operations index, the performance scorecard is calling for a genuine breakthrough result for the Navy to deliver in the next 10 years.

The second priority under the accomplishment perspective is “highly satisfied stakeholders.” The initiative the Navy proposes to undertake to secure this priority is to implement a dynamic strategic communications plan. The plan should result in an average satisfaction rating on the part of internal stakeholders (i.e. Navy personnel): On a scale of 1 to 10, the rating is targeted to be at 6 during the period 2011-2013. It should then gradually rise until it reaches nine in 2020. There are external stakeholders too: Their satisfaction rating also has to be tracked. At present, the Navy does not have such a satisfaction rating involving its external stakeholders: This has to be developed and subsequently surveys have to be undertaken regularly. These surveys need to be given due importance, especially in light of the Vision in the Navy Sail Plan: That Vision calls for a strong and credible Navy that our maritime nation can be proud of. The Filipino people must come around to regard their Navy highly, and because of the Navy’s accomplishments they should end up becoming proud of their Navy.

The strategic communications plan initiative is a recognition on the part of the PN that it is impossible for it to achieve the targets set out in the Sail Plan without the support and active involvement of other sectors of Philippine society. The general public has got to know what the Navy is supposed to do, and what resources the Navy should be able to count upon in order to carry out its Mission and realize its 2020 Vision. Indeed, the Navy’s rapport with the citizenry has to be deepened and constantly nurtured: The Navy has to keep investing in a well-thought-out and smartly-executed outreach program pitched to all Filipinos. It is the Navy’s good fortune that the people it serves are open; it should not be difficult, therefore, to win over their hearts and minds: In fact, they are craving for an institution they can genuinely be proud of, and the Navy is a deserving candidate for the people’s trust and affection, especially if it sails far and wide with the use of its Sail Plan.

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